Yesterday we were talking about Clinical Trials and you said “Crowdfunding” and do it. 

The UK pound is so rubbish against the dollar you get more bang for your buck

BartsMS Charity will tie together and support several themes many of you are familiar with, including our initiatives #ThinkHand, #OffLabel prescribing,#ClinicSpeak, the #CharcotProject and #CHARIOT-MS.

Please note BartsMS Charity is not a stand alone charity, but a dedicated fund held by Queen Mary University of London, which has charitable status. We chose this solution – rather than starting a charity from scratch – to keep any associated administrative cost at a minimum. Indeed, they are currently zero, i.e. all donations to BartsMS will go 100% towards the objectives outlined above.
Just go to the drop down menu on this page and chose destination “01. Barts MS”. Any amount will help. thank You

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  • Dear MD,

    I was fishing yesterday with my girls, sinkers are 40 cents an ounce, might be cheaper for me to buy the change from your pocket? 🙂

  • Having just seen the ITN news report on the number of staff vacancies within the NHS and being shaken by the extent of the figures, I want to once again express my utter appreciation for the time and attention dedicated to this blog! I am convinced of its benefit not being solely informative and educational, but health promoting as well. It has assisted me in making an informed decision to have Alemtuzumab as a treatment and has definitely ensured my continued well being with focus on the risks. The posts I've been accessing have also enabled a risk management strategy- on my phone and each of my family members phones is a list of the things I'm vulnerable to. This makes us all more confident that symptoms would not be dismissed or misjudged or even ignored due to lack of knowledge ( I've already had experience of an A&E nurse having no idea of what ITP is!)
    I'm beginning to feel I'm overusing the word 'appreciation' but that's what accurately sums up my respect and regard for this Blog and the team who make it happen!

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