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  • In other news; local man Mouse Doctor, trolls himself with another 'na na nan na na I know more than you post'.

    Given past experience; put the pop corn in the microwave and watch this thread closely…

    • Thanks. Well spotted.
      News was too late to post today.

      So mr angry will have to wait until the morning…he,ll never be satisfied. Sweet dreams or do some hunting

  • This better be good! I hope it's not another White Knight fiasco. I will have a sleepless night tonight and will be checking the blog from 7am. If I'm left deflated I will blame the poney-tailed one.

    • I've now checked the Twitter news and see it's about the spasticity drug. Well done boys – I'll eat some more humble pie. The list of contributors to the paper looks a bit dodgy – Samuel L Jackson and the love child of the best Dr Who (John Pertwee). I can see the $ signs in Mouse Doctor's eyes – think of all those Metallica CDs you can pie, or re-open the pit in your old village in Yorkshire. Welsh Mouse can buy a holiday home in the Mumbles and ask Cerys Matthews to marry him. Keep up the good work Team G. AofTW.

    • The actors children 🙂 all made a positive contribution as did the children of Tom Baker…a better Dr. Who?

      There will be no dollars until it is shown to work but that means you will get and to know the answer sooner rather than later as the financial news always is published ahead of the academic news.

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