#NewsSpeak: Research Day Cancelled

I am sorry to say that we’ve just been told the Institute of Neurology, University College London, has had to cancel the UCLP MS Research Day that was scheduled for November .

Perhaps they want to wait for next year so I can do a 2017 Advent Calendar to advertise it:-).

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  • Hi! Not quite sure what research day is we've been so busy.

    But, if ya'll want a platform to put it forwards to a world we can provide that and would love the opportunity to do so.

  • Is (or was) HSCT on the agenda? Give it's only going to grow in popularity compounded by ever more results… What barts ms approach and strategy to tackling and engaging with this?

    • Talk about a stuck record….really.

      UCL were organizing this and therefore they would set the agenda.

      But it was a research day and therefore if someone is researching this then they may speak about it, if not probably not.

      The BartsMS position on this is clear and I know you can read. But this evangelising is frankly rather tedious. We cannot spin every post to HSCT.

    • I would have thought that given its efficacy and increasing uptake in the fight against ms… That it it's a perfectly normal question to ask.

      This was a talk about ms treatments. Why not ask if hsct for ms would be included?

  • Really sorry to hear that, it has always been very interesting to come and listen and talk to you all… but if you don't really care then you don't put in the effort…

  • What a disappointment. Is there any chance of Barts-MS stepping in to do the event? Or at least something else to address the vacuum?

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