A solution to MERCK pills

ProfG has been contemplating how to deliver maven clad at £2 grand a pill its more precious than gold

When DrK and I attempted to do a trial in USA & Mexico of generic cladribine, which the US funders (PECORI) and UK funders (MRC) were not interested in:-(. Rather than spend a few million on their neighbours in the South, who had organised a multi centre trial and were going to put human resource into the project, they were happy to fund two trials doing the same thing for $23,000,000 :-(.

Anyway, we discussed the issue of dosing that profG is discussing and how to get the drug delivered. 

We thought that the most sensible thing would have been to take the drug to the person, rather than the person to the drug. 

If it costs VAT (sales tax) of 20% to deliver a DOT, at £400 a pill I would drive round to deliver them. So maybe we can have a new business

 or we could have the Merck Mobile going round the community as a driving advert,and as a mobile clinic to provide the pills or a motor bike paramedic. Food for thought

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