Depletion of neutrophils after alemtuzumab

Neutrophils are your first line of defence against infection, but they express CD52 and therefore they are depleted by alemtuzumab. This will contribute to infections post treatment, but, whilst common, the level of depletion is rarely severe and long-lasting.  We have commented on this in a previous postbut you can now get a free copy of the paper.

David Baker, Gavin Giovannoni, Klaus Schmierer 
Marked neutropenia: Significant but rare in people with multiple sclerosis after alemtuzumab treatment 
Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders 18 (2017) 181–183

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  • I so value your blog! Great timing for this linked paper as a starting point for me. 18 months post R2 lemtrada my neutrophils have tanked hard. Any others shares/experience appreciated!

    • Hi MD, I followed to Twitter (my first time!), however still wondering your thoughts. Last 2 weeks neutrophils at/below 0.3, this being 18 months post R2 lemtrada. Company has referred to hematologist, still awaiting contact there. Is this consistent with published AI risk? Thanks fythoughts!

    • The AI (Autoimmunity) I suspect has little to do with a neutrophils, however they are important for infection control. It is good that you have been referred to a heamatologists and am happy that the company has taken an interest in your condition. Obviously there are ways to boost neutrophil numbers but your haematologist will know this.
      I hope their numbers increase.

      Best wishes

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