Today at ECTRIMS: Barts MS Google Hangout


This afternoon Mouse Doctor and Neuro Doc Gnanapavan broadcast live from the MS Paris ECTRIMS ACTRIMS conference for a one hour Google Hangout. This was your opportunity to listen to the summary of what they’ve seen but also respond to questions posted by readers of this blog.

You can watch a recorded video of the event here:

Image above of the broadcast team, supported by Dr M&M putting in some thorough preparations.

Conference programme here:

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  • Thanks, really helpful, good investment for my Friday night.

    As a side note, it's Good to know that if MS patients are not immune to the laws of thermodynamics, and that if I eat less I will lose weight…Don't think I need the p values for that one.

  • Thanks for the updates NDG and MD.

    I keeping thinking of a short podcast or radio show (20 mins or longer) once a fortnight or monthly that Barts MS could add to this blog. With MS research news.

    I would tune in or listen on playback. It could be pre-recorded, not necessarily live and include guest speakers.

  • Yep, thanks MD and NDG, you make a great double act! Got a lot from watching ☺. First year of ectrims for me.
    Tried my best to follow the gently smouldering debate on twitter also. Would have loved to have heard Prof Hauser on B cells, although if his Taubman speech is anything to go by he was maybe too humble to take an aggressive debating stance. Great result that only 6 people in the room stuck with T cell dogma!
    Any poster feedback?

    • Thank you all for all of your support. I will be posting on some interesting posters I found at this years ECTRIMS on my Tue post (GMT).

  • Thank you both so much for taking the time and trouble to do this vid and making it so accessible. I found it beneficial, especially as you effectively picked one another up for definitions and explanations of medical terminology etc to facilitate your communication of information to a wide-ranging audience.
    Gotta add: you also provided me with a really enjoyable laugh as you handled the technical glitch😂

  • PLEASE comment on the study from UCSF Medical Centre:
    YouTube the interview with Bruce Cree about the 13 year study and the conclusions about long term disability = not relapses or new lesions, but BVL and spinal cord volume loss as major indicators of long-term disability.

    He states that NEDA over 2 years was not predictive of a better long-term prognosis.

    Bart's interpretation and assessment will be very welcome!

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