What you had to say about coffee and MS

Thank you for completing our recent survey on coffee consumption amongst pwMS and the reasons for drinking coffee. The results are quite interesting. What do you think? 

The following are the results of the coffee survey in pwMS. Is clear that you find coffee helpful. 


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  • Interesting but I interpret the results different. I would say the results are a mixed bag than rather 'it is clear you find coffee helpful.' The results suggest caffeine, rather than coffee might help some symptoms.
    Coffee brings on a bowel movement, yes this is helpful if I am at home but not if I am outside the home and far from a toilet.

  • I think I agree. Besides, the self-selected sample size (n˜50) is not earth shattering.

    But Google Slides and Google Forms work together so well. How do the Google Elves know that GG or DS want to do this kind of thing? And what's more, they expose their API (Application Programming Interface) so that folk like me can *very easily* do stuff "automagically"

  • Coffee is definitely responsible for my good mood, fighting fatigue, improving my mood and sharpening my cognition.

  • My reason for drinking coffee – same as always (even in pre MS days) – I like the taste. And my reason for getting a "proper" coffee in one of the better chains – I have no wish to clean the espresso machine afterwards!

    Happy New Year to all!

By Prof G



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