Do you want to learn about MS and live in the Middle and Far East?

It is clear that the incidence and prevalence of MS are increasing globally. We are in the throes of an MS pandemic. The one region that is documenting and seeing this change in MS epidemiology is the Middle East and North Africa. 

In response to the unmet need, Barts-MS have been invited by the Alfaisal University and Global Academy for Health Sciences (GAHS) to run an MS teaching course in Dubai on the 30th & 31st March 2018. You may be interested in attending.


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  • 'MouseDoctor' mentioned in a post on Friday 19th January that you were trying to get a trial on Cladribine off the ground at Barts for people with MS in wheelchairs and that the paper about your experiences of the use of this particular drug so far had just been finished. Would it be at all possible for readers of this blog to have access to this report? I'm sure many folk with MS would be very interested to know just how promising and safe Cladribine appears to be compared with other high efficacy drugs. Hope all goes well with your MS teaching course in Dubai.

    • The problem if we post it it, potentially it will break copyright rules and will mean any paper will lack novelty meaning that the paper cannot be published.

    • sorry to hear political guidelines and hierarchy are holding back potential drugs… fingers cross that soon you will get the exposure, treat MS patients and one day offer relief and cure MS

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