Cellular Expression of CD49d

Natalizumab blocks binding to CD49d = alpha 4 integrin = very late antigen 4

Here is the expression of Message

If you wanted to get rid of virus, you may think CD8 effectors cells and plasma cells may be good candidates to block.

They express less CD49d  

If MS was a problem of CD8 effector cells you could remove the JC virus without blocking MS. If you can, does this tell us that CD8 T cells do not cause MS?

If you want to get rid of MS, maybe memory B cells would be good to block and for the “deluded” T cell immunologists, CD4 effector cells. They express more CD49d.

Where would natalizumab wear-off first? 

ProfG said it may be the influence of other adhession molecules, so what happens to LFA-1 = CD11a which binds to ICAM-1 (CD54).
There is not much on CD8.

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  • interesting but im affraid i dont completely understand the point
    may be i need more background about immunopathogenic role of cd49d expressinf cells
    a reference be useful?

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