Help ProfG become Peter Pan

 Does Prof. G suffer from the Peter Pan Syndrome*?

He is now in his mid-50s with a failing right hip, an enlarging girth and other ravages of ageing.

His last marathon was in 2012 and since then he seems to be battling to run 10km.

He has taken up the pseudonym of the #ClaphamGardener as he prepares for his twilight years.

Do you think he has it in him to climb the 3 peaks in 24-hours?

             But it is to walk the highest Peaks in the 3 Countries 
                           in Mainland UK (Great Britain)

He tells everyone that he is up for the challenge, but he is not so sure.

I dare you to sponsor him (NeuroDocG & Prof Coles from Cambridge) so that he is obliged to complete the challenge and stay forever young (CLICK)

* Peter Pan Syndrome = the uncontrollable undeniable natural yearning to stay forever young

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  • I was lucky to fit in some great experiences, including climbing Ben Nevis, before my body turned on me. Don't worry about your hip you can get another one. Even if you don't take part in the challenge, climb them anyway. When you can't do this stuff anymore, you'll be glad of the memories.

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