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Distressing Barts-MS Team News.

I have to report with great sadness that after much soul-searching, DrK has gone to take up a position at Merck Pharmaceuticals, where he will head up development of the Mavenclad Programme.

His excellent knowledge gathered through years of use of cladribine and identification of the mechanistic basis of its mode of action will be a real asset.  We wish him well.

He will be moving to head office in Kenilworth, in the US to help spearhead the licencing negotiations with the FDA, before returning to his roots in Germany. 

Brexit has been taking its toll and the brain-drain begins:-(

I guess he must have been offered a Yellow Porsche, a chauffeur and a nice house on a hill (see picture above) :-). 

We will miss him.

Auf Wiedersehen!

P.S. On the plus side… I get my room back:-) as I share an office with him ;-).

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