MS Trust Symptom Challenge – get involved

The MS Trust are continuing to raise awareness about MS by launching the #MSTrustSymptomChallenge!

They want you to demonstrate what it feels like to live with certain MS symptoms. Send them videos explaining MS symptoms so young people can understand them. 
Could you explain or demonstrate somehow what optic neuritis feels like, or fatigue perhaps? In this video Toby is trying to explain what it feels like to have the MS hug by demonstrating pressure around his ribcage.
And if you didn’t see the amazing video Jodie and David did for the launch of MS TV you can see it here:

Entering the competition

If any of this sounds up your street then upload your video explaining an MS symptom to YouTube and post the link under the MS Trusts MS Symptoms Challenge video. You can also send the link to your video to sends e-mail)
The closing date of the Challenge is 1 July 2018.
There is a £50 amazon gift voucher prizes for two videos, the video with the most likes, and the video that best explains an MS symptom voted for by the MSTV Team at the MS Trust. 
So get friends and family to take a look, and hopefully you will have helped raise lots of awareness of all kinds of MS symptoms to the world too!

Terms and Conditions of entry

1. If you are under 18 make sure you get your parent/guardian’s permission before uploading.
2. Videos with rude words or pictures won’t be accepted.
3. Videos which incite violence or have a risk of causing physical harm to individuals participating in the video will also not be accepted.
4. Videos sent to us after the 22 June 2018 or if you don’t live in the UK may still be added to the playlist but won’t be eligible for the prize draw.
5. The MS Trust reserve the right not to add any videos to our symptom challenge.
7. You consent to the MS Trust using your video in the MSTV YouTube channel
8. You live in the UK

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