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  • This is sad. To talk about how Ocrevus is great because it buys someone 4 extra years before wheelchair illustrates a problem. It's 2018 the age of miracle drugs if it ever was is gone. If you follow Ocrevus over long term it's not going to be much better than placebo.

    None of these treatments stop progression because the don't stop
    B cell clonal expansion in the brain. Peripheral B cell depletion
    does not work to stop progression. Frmr President Jimmy Carter had
    melanoma spread to his brain and Keytruda immunotherapy erased his tumor and he's in his 90's. Meanwhile people with ms are still
    progressing. Immunotherapies not drugs are a way forward.

  • I think what the doctors at Barts are doing – and trying to do – for people with MS is heroic. Thanks to all of you.
    How do I get my sons on the register for prevention trials in the future?



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