Stornoway research day series: Understanding your MS symptoms


Dr Stewart Webb defines what multiple sclerosis is, and what’s going on in the body when you feel certain MS symptoms. 

He distinguishes between relapses or pseudo-relapses, and the importance of treating them differently.

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The talk is part of a trip by the Barts-MS and Glasgow teams up to Stornoway, on the Isle of Lewis, in April 2018. In a change from the traditional research days held in London, Barts-MS teamed up with the Glasgow neurology team to present two days of talks: a day of talks to healthcare professionals on the island; and a day of talks to patients and their families. There are no neurologists on the islands and patients have to fly to Glasgow. Yet rates of MS are some of the highest in the world. The teams wanted to help healthcare professionals to more effectively care for their patients with MS, and to empower the patients and their families so they can self-monitor and better control their care and treatment. Read more about our Stornoway trip.

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  • Many thanks for a really clear explanations and pace of delivery – helps decipher other things on the blog. The graphic showing normal axon, acute and chronic demylination, remylination and degenerated axons makes it so much easier to comprehend what the differences are.

  • I was surprised at the list of symptoms not associated with MS. Frankly I don't believe it. My symptoms from that list started from the time leading up to my diagnosis and I think it is too much of a coincidence to put it down to something else.



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