Are You Honest and Happy?

Are You Honest and Happy?

Survey says

BACKGROUND:Multiple Sclerosis (MS) can impair social participation and lead to isolation. Online platforms could help to increase this participation for individuals with MS, circumventing potential physical, emotional and cognitive barriers. Yet, minimal research has examined the differential impact of online versus face-to face interaction on happiness.
OBJECTIVE: In our study we analyzed the relationship between honesty, anonymity, and happiness in individuals diagnosed with MS, who reported using online social networks.
METHODS: We merged answers of 440 individuals from the Davidson Social Participation Survey with the NARCOMS Enrollment and Update Surveys.
RESULTS: Individuals reported they could be more honest in face-to face interactions than with online contacts, regardless of whether they were anonymous or identifiable. Happiness was associated with honesty or authenticity in in-person interactions. We found a negative association between happiness and honesty for anonymous participants online, and no association between happiness and honesty when using real names. Consistent results emerged for individuals using patient-specific and generic platforms.
CONCLUSION: Our study implies that anonymity may not improve happiness of individuals with MS. We need to address structural barriers to enable their in-person interactions.

So remember when you do a comment slagging us off under anonymous, we now know that you are not happy:-) 

No wonder you get survey fatigue.

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  • Is that why Prof G has decreased factual reporting on this blog to the benefit of fiction on Medium 🙂

    p.s. am a happy bunny, I guess.

    • "Is that why Prof G has decreased factual reporting on this blog to the benefit of fiction"

      Some sort of pre-retirement mid-life crisis probably.
      His writing is not half bad..really does grab you.

  • MD really? Of course we are angry. I appreciate medical science is a slow moving beast and the treatments will take time. However I often feel coming on here is the same old flogging a dead horse. All that is ever discussed are powerful anti-inflammatories and the failures of potentially neuro restorative treatments, that all seem to fail, it seems it will go that way ad infinitum. My anger comes from staring into the abyss. I've lost wife, favourite sport and career ambitions seemingly overnight and I am not even 30. Who knew those pins and needles I felt whilst out running was the heralding in of 5 years of misery and loss that becomes darker by the day. I don't share the sentiments of others who seem to personally attack you following a failure, scientific progress is trial and error. I just can't see how feeling connected will dull this sense of loss. All else aside I appreciate the blog and all you guys do.

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