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Mouse Dr and Neuro Doc Gnanapavan will broadcast from the ECTRIMS meeting currently happening in Berlin. The will cover data and results presented in paper presentations, keynotes and posters from the past few days.

The broadcast is now over but you can view the video here. Viewers commented and tweeted questions to us while it was on live. 

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  • Thanks very much to you both for taking an hour of your time to feedback on some of the key aspects of ECTRIMS '18 CBD – suggest people in the UK watch Trust Me I'm a Doctor episode on the 3rd Oct as it helped me to decide I couldn't be confident of buying a legit and safe product.

  • Thanks MD and NDG, enjoyed watching and caught up with a lot.

    Memory B cells 🙂
    Nfl 🙂
    Nfl in blood 🙂 🙂
    Canbex 🙁

    Great presentation both, sorry missed the live version

  • If you have any questions about our topics, or about the content in the late breaking news of ECTRIMS 2018 post it here!

  • What were the presentation of results for gnbac1 like? Any indication of positive outcome or is this drug completely dead for MS? Also Any news on clin9cal outcomes for Ibudalist? Also what does alemtuzumab 8 year results look like? Surely these are obvious points ?

    • Not at all, 48w GNbAC1 findings were as positive as the 24week data; reduction in T1 hypointense lesions (damaged brain brain), atrophy, MTR (remyeliation, although there wasn't any clinical improvement. With regard to Ibudilast there was a poster on EAE (mouse model of MS) showed protection of synapses (probably by reducing proinflammatrory microglial activation. Alemtuzumab 8y data showed sustained reduction in relapses and brain atrophy.

    • Thanks Dr G. That's good news for GNbAC1. I guess black swan is still alive. Can barts do a post on Alemtuzumab 8 year results? Surely this proves it's a cure? For 8 years at least!

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