ClinicSpeak stand at ECTRIMS – What’s new this year?


For the past couple of years we’ve worked hard to put on a stand in the exhibition hall at ECTRIMS. The exhibition hall is where companies, other research projects and charities showcase their work to conference delegates. The main purpose of our stand is to share our #ClinicSpeak resources with others working in MS research and care.

These resources are not for profit (we do not make any money from them), but the more people that use them, the better we can make them as we get better feedback. We’re also really keen to collaborate with other centres and projects who want to embed them in their service or resources. For example we’ve learnt a huge amount about the WebEDSS since it’s been used by the UK MS Register.

In previous years we’ve only exhibited our cardboard 9 Hole Peg Test, and 25 Timed Foot walk. This year we’re super excited to launch our new idea for upper limb rehab activity. It’s called Under and Over and is built from a lot of the qualitative work I conducted earlier this year around different activities that people use to track their arm and function at home, and how they change and adapt them in a non-medical way.

You can find out more about the project here and also sign up for updates on how we’re thinking of developing it as a rehab programme, including how we plan to study it in early 2019. As always, once this is finalised, we plan to make it accessible for people with MS.

We’re also showcasing a new Directional Reaction Test and the Listeriosis Prevention Pack (to be launched soon).

So, if you’re at ECTRIMS, drop into our booth and have a go on our new projects. 

Existing ClinicSpeak resources include:
WebEDSS calculator
PML risk calculator
Lumbar Puncture guide
Clinic Speak resources:
Listeriosis Prevention pack (almost ready to launch)
Cardboard 9 Hole Peg Test
25 Timed Foot Walk
Direction Reaction Time Test (in development)
MS-Selfie (a treatment decision aid – in development)
Visual Field Test (in development)

I’d like to thank all the people with MS and blog readers who have helped us develop these projects, and also the companies that fund the development of the resources, as without their support the resources wouldn’t exist.

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