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Next Week:  The Mice are Being Let out for a Conference after all it is in London.Maybe time to sign up if you are a health care professional.

Sheriff Rosco P Coltrane is coming to town. 

He will be talking about “Haemopoietic stem cell transplantation in the management of multiple sclerosis” What would you like to ask him?     

He is not to be confused with Prof Burt from Chicago:-)

Who will be presenting with Demitrios Karussis from Irsael talking about Mesenychymal stem cell transplantation in MS

Its for Health Care professionals and if ProfG has got it right this may be live streamed via the Lancet

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  • "Now in his late 40s, the dual Israeli-British passport holder and a former marathon runner had sought help from many sources to fight MS, but had been told in Britain that “they had nothing at all to offer” other than a little help from speech and physical therapists or cholesterol tablets."

    "D was accepted for Karussis’s current clinical trial, and within 24 hours of having the first set of his own adult stem cells injected back into his body experienced something extraordinary."

    “The day after [the treatment], a junior doctor asked me to lift my leg up in the air. Normally, she would put her little finger on my leg and it would fall back onto the couch, but I could actually keep the leg up on my own. I remember her leaving my room and I just cried. I never cry, but it was the realization that this treatment appeared to be working. I was able to achieve resistance because my muscles were working again. Seventy-two hours after receiving the treatment, I went for a run."

    • Yes. We have all watched the TV programme on the prominent British lawyer's travels to Israel. We saw how painful the injection was, they should be using atraumatic needles 🙂 and it appears that it caused a remarkable placebo effect because the benefit was not sustained.

      These miracle reactions posted on the media fuels the hype and the neuros do little to put these claims in perspective.

      If these were indeed miracle cures they would be easily reproducible, but it is clear they do not work for all.

      They all work via biology demonstrate the biology is happening (i.e. as opposed to wishful thinking it is happening) and you have me convinced.

  • "What would you like to ask him?"

    Ask him about a head to head alemtuzumab hsct?

    Also what he thinks about alemtuzumab in general


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