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I would like to thank all our readers for persevering. Tomorrow is the launch of the first triMS-online virtual conference. The ideas underpinning this meeting arose from suggestions on this blog.

The driving principles underlying triMS-online are:

  1. High-quality, short, themed meetings that are of the moment; too often the larger conventional meetings are planned months and years in advance and don’t necessarily have the flexibility to present topical subjects. triMS-online wants to be different.
  2. Access to international experts using a shorter format than that is traditionally used at conventional conferences; we don’t want viewer’s drifting off because the talks are too long. All presenters are being trained to give punchy well-timed talks. We know human attention span, particularly online, is short.
  3. A more diverse group of presenters, i.e. younger presenters, with a more international flavour and with gender equality in mind.
  4. Synchronous and asynchronous attendance; you can log-in and watch the meeting live or come in after the meeting is over and watch the talks at a time that suits you.
  5. Access; online meetings will allow people from all over the world to access high-quality online content. This is particularly relevant to people living in resource-poor countries who don’t necessarily have the finances to travel to International meetings in expensive cities.
  6. Environmentally friendly; we hope that by attendees not needing to travel we can help reduce the environmental footprint of meetings.
  7. Create a platform and format that can be used locally or regionally. We anticipate creating a triMS-online X platform in the near future, which will allow others to host regional meetings; these could be different languages and addressing specific topics of interest to specific countries.

The following is the first triMS-online programme; it is not too late to register

We would encourage young academics, in particular, those who are disadvantaged and from under-represented groups to submit ideas and posters for the next meeting.

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