Therapeutic Lag

ProfG mentioned the concept of therapeutic lag about why it takes time for MS drugs to work in Progressive MS.

Did you get it?

Don’t worry many scientists and neurologists don’t get it, so to make it easier for them we have come up with an analogy

You can have a science version go and read our Brain paper

Here, The MS lesions condition a neurodegenerative environment that does not responsd to the treatments that trigger relapsing MS.

Or you can see the MS lesions that drive disease activity and relapses are a lit match.. 

The nerves are like a fuse, but once they are lit by the MS lesion match the fuse is going to burn and burn, until it gets to the dynamite and blows up causingloss of limb, arm function etc.

Even if you put out the matches that light the fuses, the fuses are still going to burn and burn until the dynamite blows up and there is nothing you can do until you know hw to stop the fuse burning

If you don’t stop lighting the fuses nothing happens and you get worse and worse, but if you stop lighting the fuses eventually they burn out and no new fuses get lit and so things stabilize. This takes time this is the therapeutic lag. In progressive Ms this takes 2-3years

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