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At the Limits 2018 videos are now online and you can see ProfG loosing the argument about treating early and you look at the state of play of stem cell therapy….

Waych Prof Karussis present on Mesenchymal stem cell transplantation in MS,  but just look at the EAE data and see how poor the efficacy really is!

Remember that current DMT can wipe these types of response out.  Zero disease not a slight delay and diminution.


The questions have been cut, which is a bit of a shame, but you’ld be bored listening to me.

The talk by Prof Burt on HSCT is not there because he presented new trial data and as it isn’t published yet it is not shown.

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    • I would love to know this as well MD.

      I thought you have stated on multiple occasions on this website that neuroinflammatory medications (DMDs) would be a necessity to reduce inflammation to set the stage for neuroprotection, remyelination and neurorestoration to happen?

      Do current anti-B cell therapies reduce efficacy or destroy mesenchymal stem cells?

    • What does that mean..
      Induce EAE and stop it ever manifesting itself and so you get no clinical disease Equals wipe.out. mesenchymal stem cells stop nothing and have a minor effect in most studies

    • Do B cell therapies get rid of stem cells.

      For anti CD20 antibodies i doubt it as they do not express CD20. However remember all DMT are B cell therapies so some will have the potential to do this.

  • I'll ask this question again because I was really curious to know if it's possible for someone with tropical spastic paraparesis, caused by the HTLV-1 virus, to have MS at the same time?M

    My curiosity came from the fact that in people with AIDS, MS seems not to develop (or is it the virus, or are the antiretrovirals that treat the infection), and HTLV-1 acts primarily to infect CD4 + T lymphocytes (major cells of the immune system) and can remain in them DNA in the form of proviruses (the latent state in which the RNA of the retrovirus is found after being incorporated into the DNA of the host cell).
    For some reason in certain infected people when it doesn't cause the myelopathy associated with HTLV-1, it causes a type of T-cell leukemia lymphoma, very aggressive.

    I learned that Brazil has the highest number of cases of tropical spastic paraparesis per 100,000 inhabitants in the world.
    It's estimated that in Brazil there are more than 800 thousand people infected with HTLV-1.

    And in the outpatient clinic of the hospital where I monitor MS in me, I always meet people suffering from temporal spastic paraparesis, and it seems that basically the only treatment that exists for the disease is the corticoids given in pulse therapy … And of all people with which I talked to the pathology none of them has any kind of autoimmune disease, or taken as autoimmune …

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