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Welcome to the Barts-MS blog, now that we have moved platforms! We hope you like the new, responsive design. And we’re grateful to all those who tried our prototype and gave their feedback.

The main changes are:

  • A new menu with updated pages. We hope we have included most of the activity of the Barts-MS team. And we’ll keep updating you on our projects, activities, campaigns and studies.
  • Categories. You’ll find every blog post (will eventually be) put into a category, making it easier to find posts related to treatments, for example, or causes.
  • A search that works!
  • Clean, responsive design to make it easier to read on mobile and desktop.
  • Information on how long it takes to read a post and how complex/scientific the language and concepts are.

Please ensure you have bookmarked the new address and subscribed to the blog.

And please explore the new blog and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  • This is brilliant! As a newly diagnosed RRMS lady (probably!) I am reading as much as possible, and this blog will really help me.

  • It looks fabulous! Much more modern.

    My $.02: I’d like to see the posting date and the number of comments without having to drill into each post. They show with the other data when I am in a post, but not on the main page where I choose which I would like to read. I’m not concerned about reading time, personally, though the categorizing of posts is a tremendous way to make this resource more accessible.

    Also, thank you for this blog. It has been a lifeline. I appreciate all of the time and effort everyone takes to present new info, to discuss it, and to answer questions. I can find research on my own, but the interpretation is best left to the experts, even if you don’t always agree with one another. Actually, that’s part of the fun. 😉

  • Please, please, please add the date to each post.
    Is is possible to access a list of monthly posts as it was previously?

    • Hi Fi, thank you for the feedback! We are looking into adding dates. For past posts: if you click on the three horizontal lines at the top right corner of the page, this is the symbol for ‘menu’. From there you can scroll down and see the monthly archives. Hope that helps!

  • I return to the home page by deleting anything else other than the site title on the URL. Do you have a better way that I haven’t found yet?

    • I click on ‘BartsMS Blog’ at the top left of the page to return to the homepage. Hope that’s helpful!

      • I have nothing at all on the top left of my page :/ All option are on the right side. It’s either that I don’t see it or it is that you are logged in as administrator so you have a feature that I don’t… :/ Hope some other guest can chime in to confirm.

  • I am trying to get to grips with WordPress to address your requests. Please bear with me; I am a fast learner but don’t have the bandwidth (time) at the moment to spend much time on the back end of the new blog.



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