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So last week I set you the task of answering some questions related to the belief that the cause of progressive MS was found.

β-Synuclein-reactive T cells induce autoimmune CNS grey matter degeneration.Lodygin D, Hermann M, Schweingruber N, Flügel-Koch C, Watanabe T, Schlosser C, Merlini A, Körner H, Chang HF, Fischer HJ, Reichardt HM, Zagrebelsky M, Mollenhauer B, Kügler S, Fitzner D, Frahm J, Stadelmann C, Haberl M, Odoardi F, Flügel A. Nature. 2019 Feb 20. doi: 10.1038/s41586-019-0964-2

You were all clearly too lazy to do your homework, and so yours truely had to do the legwork and ask DrK for the anwser……5 minutes of thought or months of hard animal work?

The study that showed a T response to grey matter proteins caused grey matter disease, and this is self-serving, but the real question is what about the relevance of the human studies showing responses to alpha and beta synuclein in MS?.

The questions was . Is there response to therapy evidence that CD4 depletion works in progressive MS……………..Answer I think is probably NO hard evidence.

Next up

Is MS associated with Parkinsons Disease?……DrK…says NO

Therefore 5 minutes of thought and the central message of the study is questioned. Why did’t the referee ask this question?

Too busy thinking about T cells, T cells, T cells

Those writing the editorial didn’t question this either.? Why Not?. T cells are ace, T cells are ace, T cells are ace?

So true to form

The study was published in Nature p (acronym = No MS data in this Journal is ever repeated:-). There will be no doubt many studies trying to repeat the data…Bet they won’t get the answer published in the same journal.

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  • It’s amazing how this got into Nature since autoreactivity to neuronal proteins has been shown before with NF-L – our study – and we were lucky to get it published in Immunology…..

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