Microbiome Research Where will it lead us?


ProfG loves throwing a spanner in the works to get you thinking and keeping us on our toes.

However, I have been charstisted for my outspoken views that many of my peers are unthinking lemmings that follow the masses jumping off the intellectual cliff.

Microbiome is the answer to autoimmunity is a current dogma and you are spending millions of pounds doing trial after trial in every human disease condition and experimental study after study on each disease. . Some of you may do abit of Health Tourism to get your microbiome changed.

I am abit of a luddite and to be honest, I have no really intention of spending much of my time reviewing every paper posted.

The one today, is open access so you can read and enjoy this yourselves. But if you can’t be bothered to read it,

I will show you a picture from the paper.

In this study they give an antibiotic (white symbol) to change the microbiome and the disease gets worse. After all MS is on the increase, we eat anti-biotics like sweets so antibiotics in children change the microbiome and make MS…EAE experiment done and disease worse and QED there’s the answer. So will ProfG and DrRuth build this into their view of preventMS

Does it pass the “smack you in the eye test”

Not really ?

However imagine that you do a human study and you ask does antibiotics affect MS, well if every one get MS but someone with two fingers affected and others taking the antibotic have three finger affected is this going to be considered a worse or is it just going to get lost in the experimental wobble.

Now think about minocyline an antibiotic that makes EAE better and it does the opposite and it gives abit of an inhibition, You do a trial and you get abit of a hint of something but nothing startling.

Is this where our microbiome studies are heading?

You decide

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  • Big problem with MS are UTIs and big problem with UTIs are the lack of positive cultures which come back using the current culture process. Because a UTI can affect Ms so badly antibiotics are given and may be changed once or twice before one which is effective is found.
    This typical problem regarding identifying responsible bacteria for a UTI has been discussed for some time and is one of the reasons for antibiotic overuse.
    What to do if your idea is true?

  • I think diet, and consequently microbiome/bowel health is vital, and isn’t a huge component of our immune systems in the gut? But these mouse experiments… Not so sure. I doubt that my diet, digestion is very rodent-like.

  • Whether your views are outspoken or not, the issue is whether the followers are following (lemming-like) for a reason?

    Medicine is a very risk-averse profession, and to draw a commercial comparison, there are many who hold the ‘You’ll never get fired for buying IBM’ mentality. It is safe and doesn’t require a vast amount of intellectual input. Any failures can be shrugged off as one is merely being cautious and following the herd.

    When it comes to it, people are not brilliant at interpreting data. If you know this isn’t your forte then why go out on a limb? The question is: how can the data be interpreted and communicated in a way that people who otherwise exhibit lemming-like behaviour have the confidence to act differently. How can this be achieved?

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