April Fool: Prof G to retire August 2019


This post launched on the 1st of April was an April’s fools prank.

It is with great sadness that we announce Prof G will be leaving Barts-MS later this year. He is turning 55 this year, the earliest official retirement age if you work in the NHS. ‘Burnt-out at 55‘ is how he describes his life. So he and his wife have decided to decant from London to the South Coast of England and start a more relaxed life. Writing, gardening, exercising, walking the dog and doing some low-level part-time consulting.

We would like to thank him for all his efforts as a very active member of Barts-MS and wish him well in his retirement.

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  • Sad but understandable. I met Prof G at an MS Society conference a few years ago. Such an approachable man with a passion for helping those with MS. I always look forward to his informed and helpful comments on the MS blog. He will be missed. Wishing him a wonderful retirement doing relaxing things.

  • Wishing Prof G and his wife every happiness in their retirement and I would like to thank him sincerely for his many helpful contributions to the Barts blog and for his comprehensive work as a neurologist to improve the lives of folk with multiple sclerosis. You will be sorely missed. All the very best.

  • I really hope it’s an april 1. joke, but if it isn’t, thank you and have a nice retirement.

  • Hopefully an April Fool.

    But it does get you thinking that someone needs to be waiting in the Wings to continue this supportive blog along with research.

    If I remember rightly wasn’t Dr K relocating to America last year on exactly the same day? 😉

  • He was past his sell by date. Time for some young Turks to come in and shake MS research up. Once we put the mice doctors out to pasture we can look forward to some big improvements in MS research.

  • Sad news for the MS. community, and especially for those like me, that have learned so much with Pro G’s contribution to this field. I can’t thank Prof G enough for the knowledge shared, and the inspiration that I get everyday from his posts . My best wishes on this new stage of his life.

  • MouseDoctor – are you up to mischief again what with it being April 1st?! I do hope so as we really don’t want to lose Prof G’s expertise.

  • As much as I could understand this, just as an academic without being a clinical academic, my money is on it being an April fools joke… Prof G doesn’t strike me as the retiring type! Certainly not just yet. But if I am wrong then I wish him all the best.

  • ProfG full blown retirement maybe an April Fool, but has he retired from the Blog to remain permanently in the world of Twitter this time?
    This Blog is well served by others, but is always enhanced by his posts.



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