Is this the cause of MS?


You know me…yep a troublemaker.

I am not a hotshot hardcore human immunologists, but I can read, just about, and as you know… I sometimes have opinions and express them. Maybe I do myself no favours.

We have had the suggestion that there is an protein that causes immune cells in MS to proliferate and this has then been suggested to be the target in MS.

I say lets have a look at the expression profile of this target using publically available data bases.

Yep there is loads of it in the immune cells…but in the brain. (The light blue bars on the right hand graph)…I think I need a magnifying glass 🙁

Why MS? It seems it would be more likely to cause a heart problem rather than MS.

Do you think a trial to stop immune responses to this protein will work?

I think you can guess my prediction is a No….Experiment is in progress

I’m on the record

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  • Well it looks like it’s there:) Then heart of course but immunology is not so simple, you have splice variants, posttranslational modifications that can exist in the brain but not heart etc… One would rather choose a protein with a low expression in the CNS than a protein with high expression to find the cause of MS…choose for example MOG and you get a a massive immune reaction like in EAE and ADEM not MS.
    I would agree that the possibility that this protein is the cause of MS is very low but if you fail you have to fail big. Otherwise nobody would even have tried B cell depletion in the beginning with the knowledge at that time.
    Also, I thought the toleralization trial that they mentioned was for myelit peptides, not sure if they added this peptides also.

  • MD… I was reading a book about facts the other day and states that mice have a fear of men but not women. It’s to do with the smell.
    So how does that impact on mouse studies in MS, with the male-induced stress effect?

    PS… am I causing trouble?

    • All my mice love men because they feed and look after them. Yet more bol***cks that the NC3Rs/Home Office may pick up on…so is the end of the male researchers? Mice in pain show more pain faces if they sniff a T shirt worn by a male. (Sorge RE et al. Olfactory exposure to males, including men, causes stress and related analgesia in rodents. Nature Methods 2014; 11: 629). However the male researcher has been on the decline for many years.
      Let a human smell a mouse and my wife runs a mile and gets stressed. I suspect if you give me a sweaty T shirt or male socks I’ld turn my nose up. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

      The beasties get EAE if male or female researchers look after them.

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