Weeding out the Potatos, A New Trial option


Next week is the major jamboree for American Neuros, where the latest pharma wares will be on show. ProfG and DrK and the rest of the gang have jetted off to Philly and the thoughts of last week’s eco-warrior has been long forgotten by ProfG and the his and the carbon footprint of MS neurology expands.To offset this ProfG does his for the planet and maybe he will be planting a few trees to offset his omissions, whilst keeping his garden looking beautiful, MD2 will do our bit to help the Neuros and has planted a few lovely things, check out the Q&A for May. Here, at BartsMS we do a bit of weeding in our spare time. Some Neuros seem to want to do weeding as part of their day job.

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Whilst our boys and girls have gone to the New World to collect knowledge, we can reflect that the New World has given us many things. To our delight Sir Walter Raleigh brought back one of its exports a few hundred years ago. Whilst we all like a Kings Edward or a Desire, it seen that the US has exported a variety of potato that we don’t really want.

eYes… the “couch” variety. Now I thought a potato was a potato… of which there are many varieties (like the King Edwards). Now you may say potatoes are white as there are a load of white potatoes around the world, just like you may say all swans are white. However, if you come from Australia you know that swans are black. It seems that American neuros are not interested in weeding out the potato where it is not wanted, they focus only the black variety.

Now you may think that US potatoes come from Idaho..after all it is the potato state…but on my visits the first place I saw them was in Graceland…”Thank you very much in an Elvis accent” So with a view of changing the world, if you want some life style changes you can read this.

An Intervention for Changing Sedentary Behavior Among African Americans With Multiple Sclerosis: Protocol.Baird JF, Sasaki JE, Sandroff BM, Cutter G, Motl RW. JMIR Res Protoc. 2019 May 1;8(5):e12973

BACKGROUND: Sedentary behavior is a major concern among patients with multiple sclerosis (MS), as it may accelerate disease progression and exacerbate physical disability. This is especially concerning among African Americans, a segment of the MS population who present with greater neurological disability and higher odds of physical comorbidities than their Caucasian counterparts.

OBJECTIVE:To date, researchers have not proposed interventions that focus on changing sedentary behavior in African Americans with MS.

METHODS:This paper describes a pilot study that examines the feasibility and efficacy of using text messaging along with theory-driven newsletters and behavioral coaching for changing sedentary behavior in African Americans with MS. We herein present the methods, procedures, and outcomes for our ongoing study.

RESULTS:Enrollment began in February 2018 and is expected to conclude in April 2019. Study results will be reported in the fall of 2019.

CONCLUSIONS: After completion of this pilot intervention, we will summarize our study results in manuscripts for publication in peer-reviewed journals that will provide critical information on the feasibility and efficacy of our strategy. These results will inform future studies and, potentially, larger interventions for remotely reducing sedentary behavior in African Americans with MS.

TRIAL REGISTRATION: ClinicalTrials.gov NCT03671499;

Now before you get too outraged about my light-hearted style on this subject matter…, it seems to me, as someone who is “size lard” that I am not being too inappropriate. That as this is being done in the Deep South, I wondered if this is really a wise title (is it sufficiently PC) as surely if you are overweight, you are overweight and methods to support a healthier lifestyle is colour blind.

This is a rather topical PC issue given the outrageous abuse that people in the London Marathon taking a few hours to do their 26 miles (42km) got (being called “fat” and “slow”) whilst raising thousands for good causes. I would love to have done some excersise this week, but it is not always easy so introducing lifestyle changes can help…Look at ProfG…Yep he’s now stickboy who had to get a new wardrobe…so it can work

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  • David,

    I’m currently sitting in BA’s Business Lounge enjoying a well deserved SA red wine. Please head off home early tonight – you’ve worked bloody hard this year. Enjoy the Bank Holiday.

    Not sure when I’ll next see you. These international conferences can be knackering. At 55 I should be cutting back, but someone’s got to do it.

    Good to see that the Tories have taken a hammering at the local elections. Still hoping Brexit can be reversed. Up the workers! Got to rush as mentioned my dodgy hip to the BA ground staff and they might be able to bump me up to First Class. Dr K is good company, but having to sit next to him for six hours while he rambles on about Bayern Munich, German engineering and the fall of the Berlin Wall can be tiring.

    Best wishes


      • Actually Ha Ha…very good, except ProfG went yesterday and DrK today…but as I share an office I get the flight simulation effect every day, day after day after day……You clearly aren’t reading his tweets to know the content (only joking). Actually not sure he has mentioned ever mentioned Bayern or Germany. Actually, he is very multicultural as is his family….He knows more about Britishness than I do and passed his citizenship with flying colours. So now we could have SirK along with SirG just have to do something to get a knighthood….No I don’t mean giving the Tory party funds:-).

        What should we get him? A Union Jack Handkerchief so he can tie the corners to make a hat, when he goes on holidays to Majorca and Marbella

        • I bet he grabs the sun beds before the Brits get up.

          You might want to follow the advice of Mr Fawlty:

        • Some of the questions in that Britishness test… I’m British already, have been all my life, and I only got 75%

          A question on who invented the jet engine??? I don’t suppose James Dyson will be included in any of their multi-choice questions now, seeing he’s off to Singapore…

      • Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Sling your hook and treat Mrs MD to bottle of wine and dinner at a fine restruant.

  • Well this come in handy

    Have been digging (again )

    About ,p16 which is, among other things, a marker for cellular senescence

    And found

    ” recently, it has been demonstrated that p16INK4a protects from depletion after a powerful proneurogenic stimulus – i.e., running – also stem and progenitor cells of the aged dentate gyrus [44]. In fact, after deletion of p16INK4a, stem cells of the dentate gyrus are greatly activated by running, while, in wild-type p16INK4a dentate gyrus stem cells are not affected by running.[44] Therefore, p16Ink4a plays a role in the maintenance of dentate gyrus stem cells after stimulus, by keeping a reserve of their self-renewal capacity during aging. Since the dentate gyrus plays a key role in spatial and contextual memory formation, p16INK4a is implicated in the maintenance of cognitive functions during aging. ”

    So i am going to run


    Ps: Mouse you must walk the walk (run the run)
    Preserve your dentate gyrus





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