Why am I so bitter and twisted?


This was supposed to launch with the Biggest Threat to Science is the Airbrush Post. Read them both for an insight into the science world (CLICK HERE)

No-one likes to be rejected at anything in life……Sometimes the output does not cut the mustard and you have to accept it, many times you feel aggreived.

You just have to grin and bear it whilst you have to suffer paper after paper of unreproducible stuff from the opinion leaders. I recently got this from an editor about a paper on B cells in MS. Here is their advice.

“We would also ask you to consider including additional international opinion leaders as co-authors (we have found this greatly increases citation rates, to everyone’s benefit, as well as promoting collaboration)”.

Maybe I can take the insult….but ProfG (a co-author on the paper)?….Maybe he has just been doing a bunk off work and not really going to those International meetings he says he is going to :-(?

Oh course this in small fry in comparision to the issues that you may face, but when you ask why am I bitter and twisted…This may help you understand 🙂

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  • Sorry i did not get it. Is that one of the reasons they do not accept the paper! 😮
    So patronising

    • In terms of the actual paper…they thought it was too focused to accept. They would have been willing to take a broader review, possibly incorporating what I had written. However with the imposed word limits I would have had to throw away all I had written. Simpler to write something new.

  • Expose the journal – let’s try to increase the standard of refereeing and reporting! I could say more mousedoctor as you know!

  • Oh dear. Seems like this journal’s focus is their impact factor and their advertising revenue rather than publishing solid scientific research. This type of crap is exactly how the evidence base gets skewed (and dogma ensues). Re-submit with the following authors:

    Louis Pasteur
    Otto Hahn
    Alexander Fleming

    That oughta keep them happy. You can call it their ‘lost paper’ and offer the journal sole publishing rights.

    • Thanks…I kind of like the approach of Poly Matzinger (NIH scientist) who one wrote an opinion piece and wanted to say “we” so she co-authored her paper with Galadriel Mirkwood (Thanks DrLove for correcting me)…..her Dog. 🙂
      She got banned from publishing in the Journal for 5 years..

      • If it wasn’t so damaging to scientific progress it would be hilarious. Keep fighting the good fight my friend. Just know there are others in the research community that are just as bitter and twisted (they are the best ones to drink with).

  • The founders of Frontiers are a swiss couple Kamila Markram and Henry Markram

    I saw a ted talk they gave about a young researcher that went to lot of major publishers ,only to see is work trun down lots of times

    When finally after one year the researcher got is work publish e won the nobel prize

    min 2:27


    I dont you publish on open platform?

  • Science is suffering due to a broken peer review system. Cronyism is prevalent; the system is biased in favor of prestigious researchers-authors; and it hinders innovation. No wonder you’re so bitter & twisted! JSV

  • Stick with it Mouse Doctor, I value everything you do. Great TED vid too. Big thank you.

  • This is essentially corruption. Increase citation rates=journals impact factor goes up=more profit.
    A very slippery slope.

  • ‘Of course this is small fry in comparison to the issues that you may face’

    MD your frustrations/pain/struggles are as real and as valid as anyone else’s. Thank you for all that you do.



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