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Every alternate year we have the MS Frontiers sandwiched between MS Life organized by the Multiple Sclerosis Society. MS Frontiers is for HealthCare Professionals and MS Life is for people with MS.

The 3 Ps of MS Frontiers 2019

As an early career researcher or health care professional, few things are more enriching than the chance to meet leaders in the field, to learn from them, be inspired by them and even become part of their professional network moving forward.

As part of the MS Society research team, I have also seen how vital the opportunity to share recent findings and spark new collaborations is in driving forward scientific and medical understanding. So I am delighted that MS Frontiers does just that.

There are now just a few weeks to go until MS Frontiers 2019, the UK’s largest research gathering for MS clinicians, scientists and allied healthcare professionals.

The Purpose

We know from our previous MS Frontiers events the value of multi-disciplinary MS professionals coming together, both to each individual delegate and to the MS community collectively.

It’s hugely exciting to watch new ideas emerging from conversations and new collaborations being built across disciplines, institutions and countries, as well as seeing the crucial ties between basic and clinical research being strengthened.

MS Frontiers highlights the leading role the UK plays in advancing our understanding of MS and, most importantly, finding ways to stop it. Sharing knowledge is key to this progress.

The Programme

The 2019 conference is set to be our biggest yet, featuring over 100 talks and posters, with sessions ranging from symptom management and lifestyle to neuroprotection and the gut microbiome.

Opening with Professor Alberto Ascherio from Harvard University asking ‘Can we prevent MS?’, keynote speakers include leading experts from the UK, Canada, France and Germany, Ireland and the US. This year, the prestigious Ian McDonald Memorial Award Lecture will be given by Professor Catherine Lubetzki from the ICM Brain and Spine Institute in Paris, who will be talking about “repair in multiple sclerosis: from biology to clinical translation”.

There are a range of workshops on offer, including a roundtable on the impact of involving people with MS in research, chaired by George Pepper from, and a symposium on health economics and policy decision-making, led by researchers from Exeter University.

Barts MS’ very own Dr Klaus Schmierer, member of the MS Frontiers Scientific Committee, will be starring in this year’s debate, which this year asks whether “in progressive MS, neuroprotective strategies should always be combined with effective immunotherapy”. All delegates can join in by sharing their thoughts, asking questions and voting for the winner on mobile devices during the debate,

For details of all lectures, workshops, talks, posters and social activities (including a trip to the Roman Baths and an after dinner talk by paralympic gold medalist Stephanie Millward) download the full programme from the conference website.

The Practicalities

Join us in the beautiful city of Bath on 4 & 5 July for a fantastic opportunity to discuss the latest advances and challenges in MS research, catch up with established colleagues and forge new collaborations. I look forward to seeing you all there!

Registration is open until 28th Juneat

A 50% discount is available for all healthcare professionals and students and the event provides 12 CPD credits.

The MS Society will, of course, be sharing highlights from the conference on social media throughout the event. The event is for MS professionals or academic researchers, but we’ll make sure everyone hears about the latest breakthroughs.

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      • That’s interesting.. For anyone looking to attend these: start up an MS charity or CIC, or work or volunteer for an MS charity or CIC. Or be a student in a field of study that is MS connected.

        • Yes…and you have to accept that the target audience is scientific and that is where the content is targeted.
          Are people with MS barred….no
          But they should have a professional link.

          Having the public attened would not be an issue for me but it can influence the rules of company sponsorship (which I guess may be happening) as it has issues with advertising etc.

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