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This week ProfB was a victim of mistaken Identity.

He got an email from a colleague asking about how to deal with Trichomonas in Mice?

Trichomonas is a single cell parasite, which is sexually transmitted. It turns out that D.Baker had written a book called “Flynn’s Parasites of Laboratory Animals: Second Edition”.

In response ProfB wrote they could perhaps use drugs but that they were not D.G.Baker, the author. The person writing said yep Oops sorry and you are not from Louisiana, either. All very harmless. These things happen

However what’s the chance of twice in a week?

It seems the Home Office is also having the same issue

This weeks T shirt for entry into the UK. Will the Borderforce get it?

How can they think ProfB is a drug dealer:-) Has he been set up by a T cell immunologist.

P.S. Just think if Pablo Escobar had called himself Giovannonii on a dodgy passport, would ProfG be travelling as much?

Perhaps new name could be Martin Robert Fixer. Please initial the first names.:+)

So now the Dogey “D Baker” knows they are being stalked by the Home Office, if they read The Guardian Newspaper, oh and are still alive and not behind bars. But hey surely the Home Office can just ask they are tracking your mobile phone every second of the day and know every where you have been.

Will a few thousand David Baker’s realise oh that’s been happening to me (email if it has). As for the John Smiths, you are probably all doomed:-(

Maybe the biometric passport should just in Braille, if all it can search is a name. This would save a few quid.

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  • So sad for Dr. Baker 🤦‍♀️
    Aren’t there some parallels with Neuroimmunology?
    When your attack cells don’t recognize your good cells?
    The Google Thing has me worried 😧 more.
    They saw you coming and going 😢

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