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Visit us in Leith Harbour

Oceans of Hope is still sailing – back in 2014 to 2015 we sailed around the world in our 67 feet steel sailing boat crewed by PwMS. This summer we are going to Scotland. On August 19 we are visiting Edinburgh and hosting an event in Leith Harbour together with MS Brain Health, Anne Rowling Clinic, EMSP and the MS Society Scotland. From MS Brain Health and Barts we are happy that also professor Gavin Giovannoni will be participating.

Picture of S/Y Oceans of Hope

MS is also an existential disease

MS is a neurological disease. But it is also an existential disease. It hits people out of nowhere in the prime of their lives. To many PwMS this results in some kind of loss of identity and fear of the future. As such MS reminds all of us, that we do not know what tomorrow brings and that we are dependent upon one another.

Strong communities, empowerment – meaning and hope

On Oceans of Hope we are seeing again and again how being in a strong community enables PwMS to regain their identity and to dare take up challenges to the better of the community, giving a felling of “yes, I am good enough, I can still do it!”. MS disconnects people to themselves and the outer world by blocking the senses and inhibiting motor skills. On board Oceans of Hope we experience how an empowering environment reconnects PwMS to themselves, other people, nature and life. And as we all know, this is a general human experience. We are all vulnerable, but we are always worthy of love and belonging. When we realize this, we can accomplish amazing things – like sailing around the world, together.

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Pilot research study on board

This summer we are conducting a pilot study to see if we can pinpoint why and how PwMS benefit so much from being part of Oceans of Hope. We would also like to see if and how we can transfer our experiences to the everyday life of PwMS and even to our healthcare system and our society in general – by learning from the existential wisdom that MS also provides, that we need to live our lives together and create possibilities, meaning and hope. Because Time Matters, as they say in MS Brain Health – and we must support each other in getting Out into the world and into life, as our motto goes in Oceans of Hope. See you in Edinburgh!

Follow our journey Read more on and follow us and our visit to Edinburgh on See also our study in the journal Disability and Rehabilitation: “I can do more than I thought I could”, analysing blogs from our global circumnavigation.

About Oceans of Hope and Dr. Mikkel Anthonisen

Dr. Mikkel Anthonisen

Mikkel Anthonisen is a Danish doctor and seaman, founder of Oceans of Hope and senior consultant at the neurological department, Copenhagen University Hospital. From June 2014 to November 2015 Anthonisen sailed around the world in a sailing boat with a crew of PwMS.

Oceans of Hope is today an international non-profit organization with participants from and initiatives in many parts of the world. Anthonisen lives in Copenhagen with his wife and four children.

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