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A few months ago, I wrote a post for this blog describing a 6-week free online course about MS for the MS community and the general public entitled “Understanding MS”. Back then, I and the rest of the course team were anxiously preparing for the first iteration. Now, I want to let you know how it went.

I am very happy to share that it has succeeded beyond all of my expectations. The course was truly global, with almost 3,800 people from 85 countries enrolling. This included people from all parts of the MS community (e.g. people living with MS, family, friends and carers, service providers, general practitioners, and allied health providers) and others who wanted to learn more about MS. Fifty-one percent of those who enrolled (more than 1,900 people) completed the course, far surpassing the average completion rate for courses of this kind, which fluctuates between 5 and 15%.

Best of all, participants enjoyed the course. It is now ranked the #2 online health and medicine course in the world according to Class Central, the leading online course aggregator, thanks to participant reviews. We are still analysing the participant feedback surveys, but the early results indicate that about 97% of participants were satisfied or very satisfied with the course overall and would recommend it to someone else.

If you took part in the first iteration, thank you for helping to make the course a success. If you didn’t, it’s not too late to join in. Enrolments are now open for the second iteration of the course, which will begin on 16 September 2019. To enrol in the course, please visit:

We hope to see you there!

About the author

Suzi Claflin is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Menzies Institute for Medical Research, University of Tasmania. She is the academic lead for the Understanding MS online course.

About the author

Rebecca Aldam


  • People who are touched by Multiple Sclerosis are hungry for good basic information ℹ️
    Patients, Family, Friends, Caregivers can benefit. Great work!

  • Hey Suzi,

    I just want to say a massive congratulations to you and your team. It’s no small task putting together and scaffolding an eLearning course like this.



  • I took this course and highly recommend it. Please be aware that it did not always mesh with the US healthcare system in that we do not have MS nurses as a regular part of our care. Other than that, the course provides video and transcripts of each video which is nice as you can choose your preferred presentation mode.

  • Thanks again for the course !!
    Looking forward to a second wave !!
    I’m from Portugal and I talked about the course with my neurologist, it would be great to have the course adapted and replicated by an Portuguese university, my neuro lecturers and investigates MS in Braga, Minho University

  • I took the course, and I really enjoyed it. Even though much of the information was not new to me, it was great to see it all in one place. The videos were well done, good quality and good audio. The written text was clear. I highly recommend it.

  • I have just enrolled on this course. I really am trying to understand if I have M/S what sort of M/S baffled by it all. Hopefully I will get some answers. Thank you for letting us know about this. xx

By Rebecca Aldam



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