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  • Why doesn’t the axon fully remyelinate? Especially, given the importance of the neutron and its functionality, the body should go above and beyond to fix this, yet it doesn’t. The functionality is there, it has the blueprint, it has done it before yet it does a shady job. If this were a building contractor they would get fired.

    • The problem is not wholly with the myelin but also the axon that is interrupted and lacks the surface proteins for myelin attachment and wrapping, as well as the formation of the nodes.

      • What is interrupting the axon? It seems as if all the mechanisms work but run out of steam to finish the job? Or am I wrong? Is the inflammation causing a hostile environment or is it the cell metabolism or is it unknown or something else?

        • Hi Jasmine, it’s combination of attack by the immune cells and antibodies, as well as the axons running out of energy (for instance the up and down motion of mitochondrion-energy houses, stalls in damaged axons).



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