Next week is ECTRIMS 2019, Will ProfB get In or Back?

Back of the T shirt

Although nothing to do with MS, recently ProfB was in the News for a different reason…not Drug Discovery but probably suspected drug pushing.

Will he get pulled over again, especially as the story has left these shores

If he gets into Sweden ProfB is giving a live talk on thursday morning . I guess live streamed from the ECTRIMS web site on the “Rationale of B cell therapy” this is a taster before a debate on the use of rituximab. (Times local Swedish time)

184 – Rationale of B-cell therapy in MS D. Baker, London, UK 11:45 – 12:00

185 – Rituximab is a reasonable alternative in MS treatmentF. Piehl, Stockholm, SE 12:00 – 12:15

186 – Rituximab is not a reasonable alternative in MS treatmentM. T. Wallin, Washington, US  12-15-12.30

Have a watch if you can

This week our German chumbs are having good old laugh at the British.

No, not at the fiasco that is occuring in the Palace of Westminster, that’s not really funny, is it?, but at the power of the good old British Border Control system. This looks to track people on the naughtly list. But because the system seems frankly abit shite, ProfB has to say hello to a Border Control Officer every time he gets back to Blighty and now when entering and leaving other countries

In this weeks Spiegel (The Mirror)

Wo ist Dr. K., wenn du ihn brauchst? – Where is DrK when you need him?
Yep the Photo was taken quite a few years ago?
The picture was going to be this
This is a picture of a T shirt
The Pictures are of Drug Dealers called David Baker..the one on the right was working with a dodgey Border Control Officer and was running Drugs and Guns. He was caught in France and has been in Prision since last year. He was born in Novemeber 1962. The other was in prison from the early 2000s and died at 5 am 3 Jan 2016.
Maybe they haven’t updated their system. Is it really that shite?

I suspect we are not finished and the the only solution is to get a fake passport with a different name….. Yes I jest.. but there is a possibility that someone had a fake passpost with David Baker” which has triggered this mess in the first place. This bloke was was born in the same place as MD2. The police botched his arrest at a Golf Course chased after him in a golf bugey verses a BMW, he got away. Real Keystone Cops stuff. He went on the run after he had ben making £3,000,000 in 2 months (for 2 years) selling drugs and was caught in France with £71,000 cash.

If you are Called David Baker and are on the run….Ditch the Passport Kid you are being stalked.

Alternatively it may have to be “Deed Poll here we come” and time to change the name. What should ProfB use, a middle name?, different surname?, a change completely?. Then get a real one passport and hope the problem stops.

But really how shite is the system? That’s the next bit of research, before ProfB makes a move. No point in using “Boris Johnson”…he won’t be around long enough I suspect for people to get the Joke. But not all David Bakers are being stopped.

However ProfB is not the only person having this problem we know of three other academics in the same boat and having found a post about Chips and UK entry there are alot more..The system is Shite and is simply not good enough.

If you can read the story you will realise that MD has taught ProfB some mischievous, bad habits and he now enters and often leaves the UK with a T shirt.

Next weeks will be

Front…No wonder he’s getting used to the snap of Rubber Gloves.

Sometime you get a Border control officer with a sense of humor..Last one said “Interesting T shirt .Having a little protest are we sir?” I said “yes” and starting questions of my own. You never know maybe he will get another nugget of information that helps explain it all.

Maybe the UK Government should francise their system out to Google. They do a better job. They are tracking ProfB 24/7 know everything about him and what he reads and buys and they obviously reads his emails otherwise he wouldn’t get targeted adds for “Grammerly” every time he uses Youtube. They obviously knows he can’t spell.

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  • I don’t want to be horrible but the photo looks dodgy. (American serial killer type). You’ve spent a lot of time working with cannabis so the cute doggies probably pick that up when you arrive at passport control. The pony tail doesn’t help ((Steven Segal).

    Overall Professors should look like Professors – wear a bow tie and a jacket with leather sleeve patches, or look eccentric like Magnus Pike.

    So, overall, you’ve got a common name, you have a pony tail, you don’t look like a real Professor, and your denim shirt has traces of mouse droppings and cannabis. I’m glad the Border Agency is doing such a good job.

    Prof G looks more like a Professor (with a hint of dodgy South African arms dealer). I wonder if he still misses his Beloved homeland given how it’s going down the pan fast.

    • Has DrK been prompting you? He says ProfB looks dodgy.

      Should I get a tooth implant wear black and say it’s all amazing and we are all made out of stardust or do a Rees Mogg impression.

      Surely a pony tail is eccentric these days.

      Ps doing a good job they let me in

    • No the photo is ages old I’m as grey as a badger. But the more recent photo was the photographer.

  • That’s lousy. Travelling is tiring enough without such nonsense. Is there no one to complain to? I might have suggested your MP, but they’re most likely burried in paperwork trying to get rid of Boris right now. If they’re even still sane / compos mentis.

    • I’m on my second one, and waiting for a response from home secretary, the last one was gone before replying and I suspect the current on borrowed time. Name change to Priti Patel would be a waste of £15 and a solicitor for deed poll

  • Oh MD this must be so-ooo frustrating! Waste of everyone’s time and surely, by now, they must know who you are? Carry a copy of the Guardian article with you??

    Hope talk goes well, great subject, great drug for all those who don’t qualify for licensed treatments. 🤔 Oh, like everyone with SPMS for a start….

  • Not sure there’s anything you (and others in similar position) can do about it . Sounds like Home Office well aware and you’ve gotta put up with the hassle 🙁 Eventually you’ll know all the border force staff personally 😉

    Ps yay! I’ve got my mouse pic back! Goto and upload a pic for MD2 🙂

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