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Whilst we were at ECTRIMS in Stockholm DrK got an email from our University informing him that his promotion was successful!

Dr K is now Prof K!

I think we should all clap hands, raise a glass of champagne and congratulate him on a well-deserved promotion. 

Professor Klaus Schmierer

ProfK’s academic accomplishments have been well-rehearsed on this blog. He is an international expert on MRI MS-pathology correlations and an MRI expert. ProfK has been instrumental in resuscitating cladribine as an off-label and on-label DMT, he has helped us explore and add a new twist to the MS B-cell hypothesis and is an outspoken #ThinkHand champion. Without ProfK’s resilience and diligence #ChariotMS would not be happening. We are thrilled and wish him success and happiness as a Professor of Neurology.

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  • Fantastic News!!! (as Winnie the Pooh would say in capitals). Hoping that said promotion results in more of your work coming Canada-ward as I loiter in Copaxone shoals watching my brain evaporate.

      • Oh yes, I know- but they are very careful about treating things aggressively here. They keep a lot of people on GA for years, and I’m not happy about it as I know my brain isn’t functioning as well as it should. I can still walk, so I am fine, apparently.

    • Regarding EBV as the sole cause of MS, ProfK will keep his seat on the fence for now. More convincing evidence needed, and that will hopefully come from vaccination studies of high-risk populations, among others. Memory B cell depletion appears to be an effective treatment of MS, perhaps through removal of EBV.

      • how about treating us people who already have had EBV and now have MS?
        What have we got to lose?
        How can we get on a trial for it?
        Does anyone even care?

        • We’re caring a great deal about people who’ve had MS for some time. That’s why we’re pushing the envelope across all stages of MS. In established MS ‘treatment of EBV’ comes as a byproduct of depleting Memory B cells. Whether removing EBV at this stage is of relevance for the treatment effect remains unclear. The EBV lobby, including DrRuth and ProfG, are rather focussed on preventing MS from occurring, and this concept implies intervention(s) against EBV before MS becomes clinically manifest.

          • but we’ve already got MS!
            The countdown to paralysis/disability/blindness/incontinence has already begun!!

            I am more than willing to be treated for my MS down the route of Michael Pinder (Brisbane, Australia) with the following:
            Professor Khanna said cellular immunotherapy involved taking blood from patients, extracting T (immune) cells, and “training” them in the laboratory to recognise and destroy EBV in the brain lesions of MS patients.
            Am I allowed to rock up at my next neuro appointment and tell them that is what I want? After all, it is MY brain being shredded up isn’t it?

  • Congratulations Prof K !
    Will you be doing an inaugural lecture and if so, audio or video record it? so we can hear it.

    • Surely will give my inaugural at some point, however not before next year. And yes, I’ll try making this accessible online, perhaps as a live stream.

  • Congratulations for a very well deserved promotion Prof K!

    What I’m hoping for – increasing publicity and credibility and popularization of generic off-label (non-oral) cladribine
    So that conservative neurologists around the world are willing to consider it as an affordable option for some patients

    • Thank you! We’re currently analysing follow-up data of our off-label cohort that helped us move #ChariotMS forward. We expect publication of this data will add further evidence that treatment may be useful at any stage of MS if inflammatory activity can be detected.

        • An insider question – that’s our CLADRIPLAS study! Just got approval to go ahead, and yes we’ll look at OCBs and a few other markers. In cases with significantly elevated CSF neurofilament levels we’re in awe at the effect! More soon…

          • Will CLADRIPLAS look at the existing material or will you recruit new patients? I’m asking because in the first case results will be available MUCH sooner. I, for one, can’t wait to see the results. As Cladribine was used off-label for a long time, I hope we won’t have to wait few years for doing similar study with oral version Mavenclad. Rejdak’s paper about negative OCBs after 10y needs to be confirmed as son as possible by a larger cohort and, if found to be real, pinpoint when do OCBs dissaper.

            Great work, ProfK!

  • Brilliant news. I have only just read this (March 2020). I met him in September 18 at an MS information day in Torquay. Talked to him for longer than other facilitators. He was so generous with his time and engaged in his approach to his MS research. He came over as such an exemplary practitioner and very humane. He deserves his professorship. Prof G and Rachel Farrell were bothered too and very interesting. Dr Rachel is his wife. A formidable team against MS.

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