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I’m an artist, a painter, and a person with MS. I’m looking for volunteers to take part in and contribute to a new artwork inspired by the #ThinkHand campaign. My intention is to carry out several unorthodox and experimental portraits of people who are affected by the disease in various ways and stages. I would like to invite everyone who has MS or a carer or otherwise affected by the disease to step forward to contribute to the artwork. The precise manner or medium is to be decided with each individual. The idea is to expresses each individual’s personal experience of living with the disease. 

If you are interested and willing to contribute anything from 3 hours of your time, please contact me for details with a short summary of your story. In exchange for participation, you will have the option to either keep the artwork or donate it to a charitable auction.

Ondrej Rypacek @ondrejrypacek

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  • Hello Bart,
    I definitely have a story for you, but am not sure how to send it privately (for now). Can you advise how you’d like me to contact you about this project? My sister and I both have MS and are very interested in this project!


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