Is this the next treatment for MS…If you have psychosis?


We all have heard about BioRXiV (Bioarchive), where people can deposit their preprints before publication on a journal. Now there is not MedRXiv (Medarchive). All that needs to be done is link this up to Pubmed and we can cut out the middle man (publisher). A free archive that is open access and you get rid of the impact factor and the publishing mess in one easy swoop. What’s not to like about that? You can start a publishing revolution:-). We have seen papers from another site (SRRN run by Elsevier), which as a basket ready to charge sometimes soon.

There are not peer-reviewed and so you will get guff posted, but you get guff published that is peer-reviewed. Some journal will accept it, for others it removes the novelty. This could be a new battle ground if the academics have any sense, they will break the mould. But would we loose the history of published world as publishers go out of business?. You will also get bombarded with mediocre papers as you can submit and get a citable DOI without bothering with getting it published in a journal. Once students realise this they will be looking for citations.

ProfG knows about it as he has a paper there!

I came across this paper

Clinical and laboratory characteristics of clozapine treated schizophrenia patients referred to a national immunodeficiency clinic reveals a B-cell signature resembling CVID. Ponsford MJ et al.

So I wonder what will happens in people with bipolar treated with clozapine and MS. But based on the above graph it could take time to work but there is some anaecdote and clozapine can cause loss of antibodies

Successful treatment of co-morbid schizophrenia and multiple sclerosis. Sharma E, Rao NP, Venkatasubramanian G, Behere RV, Varambally S, Gangadhar BN. Asian J Psychiatr. 2010;3(4):235-6

Clozapine treatment of psychosis associated with multiple sclerosis. Chong SA, Ko SM. Can J Psychiatry. 1997;42(1):90-1

COI: None. However Clozapine is not inert and it has significant side effects and there is no real evidence it is useful in MS. Wonder what MSBase makes of this. They also have a paper in MedRXiv

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