The NHS at its finest

What do you think of this?

Quite shocking, let’s hope this is a one-off, but sadly we doubt it 🙁

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  • Really common…. See it every week normally aimed at impressionable foundation doctors. Ironic given that 98% of our patients are white but only 30% of the staff.

    Very ashamed to be British at the moment.

  • Same thing happens ‘down under’. Verbal and physical attacks on hospital staff is on the increase (much racially driven). Evolution gave us thumbs and ‘god’ gave us free will and this is how we act??? People can be so dumb and ignorant at times.

    Let’s start respecting each other and the world will be a much nicer place.

  • We are experiencing naked racism again when we anti racists thought we had won that battle for the racists to at least keep it to themselves. It is a result of exploitation of white supremacist ideology by the capitalist forces seeking to destroy the regulatory state e.g. the EU.

    In Britain (actually I mean England) we are still deluded about our role in the world. We still believe that we abolished slavery of Africans not invented it . The Commonwealth / empire was benign and not outright robbery. This will continue to support these racists.

    I believe public services should tell the racists that a condition of service is to keep their racist mouths shut and if they want choices based on deluded whites supremacist thinking then to eff off and pay for it.

    For Matt Hancock to say it’s shocking when his party and Government are for a large part to blame for unleashing this dog of war is a hypocritical stupidness.

    And yes I’m angry

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