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What are you doing reading the blog today, you should be tucking into your Christmas pud or your favourite holiday treat.Yesterday I found a new use for a wheelchair. Meet my new friend Robbi on their new perch.

Robbi is happy that he/she are not a pheasant….who are currently being blasted by shotgun-toting nobodies. If you really want to kill a pheasant it is easier to get in a car and run them over, probably a quicker kill.

Robbi didn’t know they were not a parrot as they sat on my shoulder when we first met. I went off to get some meally-worms as a treat, turns out mini-cheddars are the preferred Christmas meal.

Where ever you are, Happy Holidays from the Guys and Gals at BartsMS. Hope you get your mini-cheddar today.

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  • And I hope you and your colleagues can enjoy time away from the day job. Thank you for what you do, the blog continues to help me on a daily basis. xx

  • The orange breast means Robbi was allocated male at birth. But hey, it’s Christmas and time for goodwill to all creatures – and so cool having them that close to you.

    • What colour breast does a female have? Orange? According to the RSPB site “Males and females look identical, and young birds have no red breast and are spotted with golden brown”. Indeed juvenilles have a distinct call. Last year I had a juvenile eating from my hand and was there throughout the winter.

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