It’s a funny old world, this publishing business….Wanna know about T cells and have a laugh


T Helper Cells: The Modulators of Inflammation in Multiple SclerosisKunkl M, Frascolla S, Amormino C, Volpe E, Tuosto L. Cells. 2020 ;9(2). pii: E482. doi: 10.3390/cells9020482

…..The progress made in more than one decade of research in animal models of MS for clarifying the pathophysiology of MS disease validated the concept that MS is an autoimmune inflammatory disorder caused by the recruitment in the CNS of self-reactive lymphocytes, mainly CD4+ T cells………… To date, several types of Th cells have been discovered and designated according to the secreted lineage-defining cytokines. Interestingly, Th1, Th17, Th1-like Th17, Th9, and Th22 have been associated with MS.

So if you want to know about T cell subsets have a read

The story ends with The significant reduction (67%) of new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) lesions observed in 73 treatment-naïve RRMS patients after 24 weeks of treatment with Secukinumab ……Amazing only 5% worse than beta interferon which we know ain’t that great and whopping 28% worse than ocrelizumab and other agents……..the trial was terminated by the sponsor based on the development of another anti-IL17A mAb, Ikekizumab, with better activity…..or was it that the results were not that good? Clinical trials are ongoing.….but nothing in clinical

Not a mention a single mention of a non-T cell. This is a common view. So bear it in mind that views you get here are not always what most people think..Anway, at least they put their name to the paper…….had to laugh at the next offering there is going incognito and going incognitio when it comes to papers….. but this is amazing.

Platelet glutamate uptake and Th1 cells inversely correlate in relapsing/remitting and in progressive multiple sclerosis.M G, G DC, M F, M R, M C, C B, S A, G C, R F, C F, G C, M S, Cp Z. Mult Scler Relat Disord. 2020;41:102007.

I know that areas around Milan are being quarantined because of coronavirus, but Pubmed are taking it to extreme and quarenteening milanese authors from their own is a bit much

Just so you know

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