Lovey moment. The Science microcosm


Don’t you just love it when you hear critics arguing over the meaning of a painting. Does this picture say something about the state of science.

Two little mice (Basic scientists) fighting over scraps (cash) when the mouse food (grants) store is elsewhere in another station. A fight over this cell or that cell (idea) in the hope they win and eat. Will it then give them the right microbiome (Dogma)?

There they are fighting in the space of emptiness and it seems that nobody cares except them. They are fighting for scraps that no one except themselves are interested in. Then there is a clinician in the back, sitting on their bum totally oblivious to the science dogfight going on underneath their feet. Once is a while the public take notice about the scrap of food and the mice and the fight is worthwhile

Meanwhile there is a big black hole in the background sucking up the food or blowing it away or is that big black hole in our knowledge from which something will spring taking us to the next level and the station that really contains the mouse food. Will the mouse with the food get on the tube train to the food store. The clock is ticking and the train is late, but we have forgotten and don’t care about the mice, run over but the tube trains that keep on coming.

Yep I’m talking SH1 enjoy the Natural History Museum picture of the year by Sam Rowley on the life and death struggle of two of our furry friends

Here are some of the mice I have…Am I a lovey:-)

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