The Battle of the Bottom Feeders


Matching-adjusted comparisons demonstrate better clinical outcomes in patients with relapsing multiple sclerosis treated with peginterferon beta-1a than with teriflunomide. Newsome SD, Mokliatchouk O, Castrillo-Viguera C, Naylor ML. Mult Scler Relat Disord. 2020 Jan 17;40:101954

In a fish tank you have the bottom feeders that clear up the scraps left by others, in this report we have a battle of the bottom feeders, where people have looked at trials and said this is better than that. I would say (a) they should do head to head studies to really work this out but then I say (b) Who wins?…who cares? we should not be wasting people’s brains on these agents, yes they work for some but on balance they don’t work for most people. Also what do you base you triumph on relapse rate progression, brain atrophy, etc.

COI. Multiple Non rlevant

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  • Good point MD. But the real tragedy is these ineffective cost just as much as the big guns like tecfedira. Sad to see why the above trial even took place..

    • This was analysis of existing data, so no trial was done, and as for the cost it shows there is an effective the USA, and also rule number 1 of pharma club is don’t admit there is a problem with your drug like it doesn’t work as well. It is the same as university fees, Oxford want to up the price to £24,000 a year, so the others will simply.increase their price as they don’t want to seem worse.

      P.s. tecfedira is not really a big gun but a gun as too many people fail.on that too. However a far.better place to start.

      • Imagine it is a dice game and if you have to throw a six to win, with two you have a chance of winning, with ten you will probably win. Plegridy and even copaxone will work well for some people.

  • I know one data point doesn’t mean much but my tingling in limbs, body parts falling asleep rapidly, Lhermits sign, all resolved after starting Plegridy. Last year I had a GI issue (due to ibuprofen and H.Pyroli) and had to stop Plegridy. Since then all these inflamation-type symptoms returned and Aubagio did absolutely nothing. My bladder also started deteriorating. I find it hard to believe that this was random. I’m pretty sure Plegridy was doing something that Aubagio is not.

    So this makes sense to me

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