Who is DrAngry?

When the MDs appeared, we got the same question

I have been showing pictures of DrAngry and whilst you may think DrA looks abit like an Angry bird, here is DrAngry on the KangMobile, also known as the Lemon D….after a 100 mile Charity bike ride….Yep we are all bonkers at TeamG and Chums. Can see this is a good likeness,?

Look at those pins. Does he use Imac?

This is what ProfG will be doing after his Marathons Days are over.

With all that energetic prowess, does DrA realise he has just signed up to the 10K for 10K. More on that from ProfK

DrAngry is a bit of wizz when it comes to antibodies and has an eye for design. DrA used to work in La Jolly in Californication at the Scripts Inventors club, next to the labs where claribine was made, Who’ld have thought about that?

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