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When having MS may be an advantage

COVID story for the Day. This weekend we have all gone nuts and turned into to a pack of Locusts stripping the shops. What happened to the “Keep Calm I’m British”

The problem from Oz has come to UK. I am soon either going to have to get a Bidet or hope that grass gets growing. This is where having some skills with toilet hygiene habits may help some people with MS. Well I never would have thought of it as a plus thing.

Why the the run on toliet paper….I guess One person coughs….. another ninety-nine SH1 themselves.

Anyway it looks like I may have to go back to the MotherLand and Visit Funland, Bridlington in Yorkshire. It may be my only hope:-).

Funland in Yorkshire….Always a sharp eye to make a Quid.

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  • I am MS patient at Royal London who is from Bridlington. I don’t know whether I am very proud, or very ashamed of my people 🙂. Surely Mouse doctor is not from Brid too? Funland is my motherland, is it yours too???

    • I think it shows someone has a sense of humour in the face of adversity…

      I’m from Yorkshire…but the West Riding. I only went to Brid for a Paddle and bit of Twitching at Bempton

  • Thank you, as ever for your learned and insightful contribution to the blog.
    Please could you supply directions to Funland ASAP. I’m down to my last 50 rolls.

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