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  • Numbers don’t lie, agreed. How they are presented can vary in quality.

    He does not talk about exponential growth. The explosive exponential growth that the control of it is often out of the control of the individual and instead in the hands of a government (UK), which does not give a comforting impression of compassion and competence at the best of times.

    Cancer, diabetes, suicide etc are not contagious in the same way Covid-19 is.

    pwMS are particularly concerned as regardless of age, the disease itself and then the possibility of further vulnerability due to the many DMTs a pwMS may be on, seem to catapult them firmly into the high-risk category.

    Does this video apply to pwMS in the same way that it does to the average person who has possibly bought a two-year supply of Andrex and Baked Beans in a poorly judged reaction to the news hype?

    I am brought back to the: Have flu-jab advice though.

  • Good video for all of those healthy young people causing Mayhem bulk buying but still worrying for the older community and doesn’t really offer that much insurance for those on on the DMTS or with lung problems

  • It’s a very good video in many respects, but only if you don’t fall into one of the vulnerable groups and/or love someone who does. I agree with the comments above AND he doesn’t emphasise that the role of the people who ‘might get it but most likely won’t die from it’ is to take care just as if they might die from it . . . BECAUSE they might be the one who passes it to my 22 yr old daughter on Gilenya/Fingolimod. Shes NOT safe and she really could die from it 🙁 x

  • This video is a great comfort when thinking about my 25-year-old son’s likelihood of survival. Best of all, if my immune-suppressed self succumbs to Covid19, he won’t have to worry about paying off his student loans. Rose-colored glasses = 5 stars

  • Not everyone in the World has been tested so far, so there are probably many undiadnosed people with the virus globally.
    I expect rough sleepers are vulnerable to the virus.

  • I find this video quite irresponsible. Especially being posted by medical experts. Let’s put it in perspective. DMT that kills 2% of its patients will never be licenced. Then why is it okay to down play a virus that kilss 2 % in its current form! Virus evlove rapidly. If it can jump from another species. You can bet your bottom dollar a more virulent.version will appear soon. I hope you add a disclaimer this video is not the opinion of barts and we total disagree.with its content.

    • Actually, data suggest the virus isn’t mutating into a more dangerous version. In fact, it’s possible newer mutations are making the virus less deadly.

      • The host dying is a bad thing for the virus. The pathogen needs the host to spread so if the virulence is lessened then the virus can infect a greater number. COVID19 may eventually become absorbed into the group of viruses causing the common cold after “herd” immunity occurs.

          • However there has already been mutations, It is thought the original strain the S has given rise to the L strain which is more virulent.

        • What percentage of people need to be infected with something like covid before herd immunity occurs? Or is it completely unknown?

        • Try telling that to the Spanish flue. But more seriously. I understand the biology of virus that kills the host cannot transmit to others. But you need to kill a whole lot people before the less virulent form the same virus family becomes the dominant version due o natural selection. Again really? Medical experts downplaying this pandemic?

    • DMT that kills 2% will never get licenced….like HSCT for example when first introduced the fatality rate was about 5-7%. In the video it is clear that older people >50 are at increased risk

      I think the video was telling people to stay calm. The media is whippiing this thing into a frenzy, shelves are being cleaned. We are being prepared for lock-down and the social collective is not taking hold. The number of people coughing, sniffing and sniffling is amazing, whilst sat on the train. Wear a mask to limit your infectivity to others….if you can find a mask. I felt surrounded by the sniffle,so once a few more people get COVID in London, which is starting to happen, the place will become desserted if people are told to self isolate.

      • Wouldn’t that be great. Empty tubes to work. Life in London will be just like the 70s. No trafic. No queus at hospitals. I say let people over react. At least those who are smart can enjoy a fews weeks of pleasure. I have reusable masks which I bought after my Alemtuzumab shot. Happy days.!!!

  • So is this video specifically for MS researchers and doctors?
    As you may know, followers of this blog have shifted long ago to imunomodulators…

  • I presume a neuro would be able to tell me HOW FAR my immune system is compromised by gilenya by looking at my most recent white blood cell count? And is this also dependent on age and lifestyle? It would help decision-making if I knew I was minus (say) 30%.

  • This video is not the most suitable for pwMS. I’m sure there must be another short video available more suited.

  • This video is a great comfort when thinking about my 25-year-old son’s likelihood of survival. Best of all, if my immune-suppressed self succumbs to Covid19, he won’t have to worry about paying off his student loans. Rose-colored glasses = 5 stars

    • I think that is good but there is a social responsibility to ensure that we do not become spreaders for complacenty about how we may be affected.

  • This video itself is a perfect example of how contagion spreads, seeing that I have received it from so many sources and on so many social media groups over the last few weeks

    As other commentators have said already, it’s an irresponsible video and not one I expected to see here. It will leave viewers with a “no need to worry” message. When there IS reason to worry and take action

    In addition to the concern about vulnerable sections (which include us!), we DO NOT want Covid-19 to settle down into something like the seasonal flu. We take the flu for granted, but it kills huge numbers of people every year

    Also, a spike in covid-19 cases could totally overwhelm health systems and devastate economies

    There are good reasons why many governments are screening at the borders, tracing contacts of affected patients, closing schools, … Let’s hope the efforts are successful

    • Screening the the borders is not infallible…..I was due to go to Israel tomorrow and would have gone to 2 weeks of self-isolation…luckily the trip was cancelled

  • The numbers in the video may be wrong/outdated

    See this WHO report on the China/Wuhan experience ( the report is from Feb)

    One of the WHO’s recommendations for countries with covid-19 outbreaks is:
    3. Fully educate the general public on the seriousness of COVID-19 and their role in
    preventing its spread;

    The report says that 20% of cases were either severe or critical.
    Most people infected with COVID-19 virus have mild disease and recover. Approximately
    80% of laboratory confirmed patients have had mild to moderate disease, which includes
    non-pneumonia and pneumonia cases, 13.8% have severe disease (…) and 6.1% are critical (…). Asymptomatic infection has been reported, but the majority of the relatively rare cases who are asymptomatic on the date of identification/report went on to develop disease. The proportion of truly
    asymptomatic infections is unclear but …

    This Reddit has some highlights from the report:

      • P. 12 para 4 and 6 make no mention of immunosuppressed patients. Is that because the use of such medicines is not widespread in China or are those of us who are immunosuppressed, but in most other respects fine, worrying too much?

        Being three full rounds into ocrelizumab and reading that it does a pretty thorough job of extinguishing much of the ability to fight infections (am an amateur, trying to piece together what I read that is credible) I know I can’t just stop the drug and bounce back. 18 or months to fully reconstitute?

        It is with this in mind that I am quite concerned about contracting the damn thing. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t worry much. This, however, seems to remain speculation as to what level my risk has been elevated.

        In practical terms: do I just lock myself away with my ACDC discography for a few more weeks to see what gives or am I exaggerating the risks to myself?

  • Agree with Dominic.
    The extent of individualism evidenced is astounding – you’re unlikely to get it, definitely don’t need to worry if under age 50 etc. Was waiting for him to say ‘so why give a s**t!’ The only time he presses for collective responsibility is with regards to racism. The whole video should have been presented in this vein. In its own way this presentation of COVID19 is as bad as fake news and powered by the reliability of numbers!
    If he’d said all of this and emphasised that pregnant women are slightly at risk, that lots of people around you in your every day life will have heart disease, that every elderly person is someone’s grandparent, so let’s all behave responsibly people, I’d have respected him so much more for putting this out there for public consumption.

    • Not my favourite video, but we do not have editors and we do not have any planning on content, it is all do on the fly and all done on the cheap…I have been watching MEDCRAM a far more educational place to get your information. I am not taking a subscription I am seeing the stuff on youtube…They will be getting advertising royalies

    • ” you’re unlikely to get it, definitely don’t need to worry if under age 50 etc.”
      – They believe 80% of the population in the UK will contract the virus.

      80% of the population won’t suffer adversely, however ‘vulnerable groups’ do not just consist of “if under age 50 etc.”

      What about patients on Natalizumab?

      You don’t know the answer to that because no one really does. But there is big questions since COVID 19 has been proven to enter and affect the CNS in Hong Kong now.

      But as you are on a MS blog, I definitely don’t agree with some stating –
      ” you’re unlikely to get it, definitely don’t need to worry if under age 50 etc. “

      • Sorry if I wasn’t completely clear Alice. I do hope you don’t think I am promoting the idea that no one should worry about the cornonavirus.
        My reply at 8.03am today was that I think it is an irresponsible and inappropriate video and that this is because it gives the message there’s nothing for us all to worry about and because it does not promote concern for those that are vulnerable. I am a PwMS who has received Alemtuzumab and who is, of course, aware of the vulnerability of others and this is why I go on to say this sort of vid is as bad as fake news concerning COVID19.

      • I believe that 80% is the upper estimate, but it is likely to be lower. 80% is an upper figure simply because the virus runs out of bridges to uninfected individuals. You can’t really get more than 80%.

        That is just my understanding as a lay person.

  • I am largely sticking to advice, videos, webpages from WHO, ECDC, NHS. Content from people who actually know what they’re talking about, scientists, epidemiologists.

    Distorted, inaccurate, biased material from media, YouTubers etc. not so much. Waste of time, bandwidth.



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