#COVIDMS COVID-19. What’s the Danger. The Great and the Good fail to meet?


It is an interesting time as the general public is having a feeling of what it’s like to make difficult choices.

You have been making difficult choices for many years about what treatment to take or not? What side-effects are acceptable? What are the Risks? Yes I know your choices are getting harder.

You may be interested to know that ECTRIMS was due have a special session on “Infection and DMT” next week, but ironically this has been cancelled due to the current concerns about COVID-19 infection.

If there was ever a time when we need some guidance from the Good and the Great about infections in MS I am sure you would agree…now is that time.

They had amassed a panel of people willing to discuss infection, their diaries are free. Why not do an online group discussion to get a consensus.

They should be asking what is the cause of the fatalities and what parts of the immune system targets the virus. This may help give some guidance.

The immune system may well be the answer to both questions.

When there is a huge viral load, the body responds massively. The immune system is primed to deliver an overwhelming response especially in the face of a huge viral load. It is maybe this overwhelming response that may make us very ill and give us a trip to intensive care. So a good immune response may be a bad thing. I know this adds to confusion, but it is important to think about balance.

Immune response to SARS  sets up puzzling paradox. Mandavilli A. at Med. 2004;10(12):1268. PMID: 15580237 DOI: 10.1038/nm1204-1268a

However putting your head above the parapet, without pharma holding your hand, is is not that common a thing to do..Now is time for the opinion leaders to do just that. They happyily give advice to jobbing neuros on the ECTRIMS stages. I am sure jobbing neuros need that advice too

As for fear of the virus, this is the stuff that epidemics are made of. The fear captures and amplifies the individual’s mind and soon one starts to think or say things in an illogical manner. Is it not illogical to want guidance

.ps Nice to see out Italian Colleagues are stepping up to the task

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  • This where advocacy organisations can be your best friend.
    It sounds like a great idea & pharma would likely support given the correct framing (meeting urgent need etc)
    Partner up & go for it.

  • Agree MD – this should have become an online or video conference. It’s most likely that the neuros and ms nurses, no doubt being inundated with COVID19 enquires from PwMS, who could have really done with this providing some advice and guidance!
    Agree – well done the Italians, but as my asking ProfG – to what extent has this been circulated and taken note of ???

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