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We are all trying to get our heads round the COVID virus event and we ask how does it happening?

ProfG has given his views, but there are others, I have’t really watched them, and so is not an endorsement. There is Channel Boster

I wonder what”s that big?

Then we have another by Team Brandan…

What’s he thinking about?

Also read the ABN guidelines released yesterday by Prof K

Anyway Dying for fashion what’s this about, well the first bit is to make it this post MS-related. ProfG writes is fiction on Medium, but I can’t be bothered about that.

However, we all like a good conspiracy theory. And we need to take our minds off this gloomy stuff. Living in close proximity to wild animals is a risk, as one virus jumps from one species into another. That’s how COVID-19 started

If you use ACE2 to infect rodents, which is expressed in the gut in mice, it would becomes a lung problem for humans as ACE2 is expressed in human lungs.

However, Is COVID-19 a plot by the EU Governments to get rid of the Pensions liability by killing off the aged and retired?

Em….I don’t think even BoJo could come up with that one.

Next we ask Why is Italy a hot spot for COVID?. Was there a Roman holiday to Wuhan?

Well from one conspiracy theorist to another, I have had a suggestion from the Pom Pom Cheerleader from TeamAngry or is the Sherlock Angry that the Rag Trade is all to blame….So not dying for fashion but dying because of fashion. We all know that Italians are full of sytle when it comes to fashion and there are no more interesting places than the catwalks in Milan.

Now you all know with Globalisation, the World is small and airlines are cheap,Global travel is wide…Look at ProfG’s carbon footprint:-). Spreading infection is easy. Importantly we don’t manufacture anything anymore. Look at your clothes they nearly all made say “Made in China” on the label….OK not MD2’s shoes…”Made in England” no wonder they cost so much. You have an idea and get it made in China to increase your profit margins. How much woud an iphone cost if it was made in USA…yep probably te same as it what you will pay but the margins would be lower.

However, the lead time for such garments was getting bigger and bigger and people want a “Made in EU” label so the will pay more top dollar. So What do you do? Bright Chinese….You bring the factories to the EU. Not a bad idea, but many places (countries) did not want that, but I heard Italy bought into the Idea big time. A Chinese Factory in Italy..what’s so unusual about that? We are now going to have a Chinese Factory in Sheffield and Wales making steel. However, these Chinese factories were Chinese and interestingly staffed by Chinese People…..no doubt going too and fro between Milan, or was it Tuscany, and Wuhan.

Now, this is an idea but the birdy that came up with the idea said there are thousands of Chinese run clothing factories in Prato and probably elsewhere, producing garments for retailers including Primark, H&M, and Topshop and there are more Chinese garment manufacturers than Italian textile producers.

One of the Italians in the lab got a video from Italy about the lastest fashion accessory, as we run out of face masks. They are using sanitary pads into a face mask. I guess the rag trade could make another product:-)

Bra Face Mask….Treat as a cosmetic acessory rather than a mask

Anyway just a light hearted story to help you get through your breakffast, and back to advice. Masks need to be tight fitting to stop viral infection, surgical masks won’t do much, but if you have a snivel and a cough perhaps wear one, if you can get your hands on one, to stop your cough and sneezing going every one.I have only got my DIY mask for work in the loft and will look a bit of a knob walking round the streets in this.

MrsAngry, or is that MsAngry to be PC, is making me a washable one…How much? Probably £200 if it is anything like the disposable ones, wonder if it has space for a panty liner? Shit now I’ve mentioned this, they will be gone from the shelves too….Sorry Ladies.

Anyway it gives you something else to think about. Stay Safe.

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  • Meh, to be fair to Dr Boster, any small amount of money he makes goes into his clinic and the care of his patients. Further, I doubt that he generates enough traffic to really make any money on Youtube!

    • I run YT channels for work and social blade is usually roughly in the correct region.


      £14 – £223

      Very low. I’ve actually never seen ads on his channel so not sure he even has them turned on.
      I’ve heard 300k subs is the sweet spot to make revenue to live off from YT. Obviously that would be different if someones being sponsored for product features/reviews.

      However, the law is quite strict and it does need to be declared so should usually should obvious when someone’s doing that.

      Anyway, now I have a nice mental image of mice wearing sanitary towels on the underground 🙂

  • I like conspiracy theories. I suspect Coronavirus was developed by a combo of parties working together to achieve their aims:

    Environmentalists – the planes have been grounded;
    Anti-Brexit bods – the trade talks can’t take place so U.K. will remain in limbo;
    Man Utd – football season will be cancelled so Liverpool can’t be crowned champions;
    The useless London Mayor – elections deferred so he stays in power;
    Mrs Prof G – can’t remember what her husband looks like and needs the ikea flat pack wardrobes built;
    MS researchers – lazy bods are having a fallow time of late and can blame the virus (cancelled conferences).

    • Anti-Brexit bods…maybe Brexit bods…ensuring hard Brexit. Do we think the EU will be bothered about a trade deal with all the shit that is happening. December is looming.

        • Really disappointed with some of the comments you publish. Puts me right off the blog actually.

          Never mind the fact that there are certainly more pertinent, constructive, helpful things to read these days.

    • “Useless” London mayor is 25% ahead in the opinion polls.
      Now, if we could find a virus that targeted trolls……………………………..

      • Or a bacteria for leeks and daffodils to get rid of lazy left wing Welsh MS researchers.

        Your definition of a troll seems to cover anyone that challenges the claimed progress made in MS research, or who highlights the number of failed MS trials and the limp excuses eg poor trial design. If you had MS for 20 years I wonder if you’d be so grateful for the progress made to date?

        • Trolling is defined as creating discord on the Internet by starting quarrels or upsetting people by posting inflammatory or off-topic messages in an online community. Basically, a social media troll is someone who purposely says something controversial in order to get a rise out of other users.

          Bang to rights, pob hwyl 🙂

  • Well, you cheered up my morning with the rant! Thank you.

    The unintended consequences line of thinking is fun.

  • No more sanitary pads for me, too old but I am pretty sure I could get a whole hazmat out of one my incontinence pads!! 🙂

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