We are MS Doctors and not Virologists and don’t have the bandwidth and knowledge to be virologists too. There is so much information and incorrect or un-informed information. You are better to get that from other places.

Here is a website that explains elements of the the COVID-19,

Please Note I am not recommending a subscription . The information can be found on Youtube

How does COVID-19 virus kill.

They are seemingly doing regular updates and seem to talk rationally and they present information in a clear manner, such as why the South Korean data indicates the death rate is about 0.1%. The reason is they tested 200,000 people and so their survelliance is likely to be better than currently in other countries where significantly less people have been tested so the real infection rate is likely to be higher bringing their death rate down. You may find it useful. I am learning about this just like I am sure are other people

Rememeber this is just one persons view

OK if you listen to this it links the malarial drug I mentioned a week ago to Zinc and biology…so now a chloroquine shortage. Leave the drug alone for people who need it!

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  • I’d picked up on this series on YouTube and agree they’re very useful. Though some content I found a little beyond me as someone who has no medical or scientific brain cells whatsoever.

    Does feel as if the info on coronavirus on the Blog is very much being provided by you in the last couple of days or so, that you are the one trying to facilitate our knowledge and understanding as PwMS, and keep us abreast of things. More so, that you’re working hard to answer the concerns about DMTs and being immunocompromised.
    Thanks very much MD.

    Some other PwMS will find the Aaron Boster vid, available on YouTube, about COVID19 and DMTs useful as he works through each of the meds and identifies your level of risk.

  • Thank you for this, MD. V. informative. Fascinating too and I am really just watching the heavy science without really understanding the mechanics.

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