#MSCOVID Information for Health Care Professionals


If you are a HCP professional you may be interested to read the experience of some HCP from China.

The handbook focuses on the real-time hotspots of the COVID-19 epidemic. It provides detailed and comprehensive answers to potential questions for diagnosing and treating patients in different types.

Treatment methods to treat the critically ill

Efficient clinical decision-making strategies for frontline medical experts

I have removed the direct link as the front page is perhaps misleading people towards a subscription. This is a dropbox link to the article


COI Multiple I put this up for information only. The content is intended for Health Care Professionals. Please note there are no approved treatments and any treatment plan mentioned is experimental.

Also Please note the anti-virals lopinavir/ritonav have not been found to be active in severe cases in a published trial, check out a recent Japanese Study for potential alternatives

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