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Calling all HCPs who want to learn about managing MS during the COVID-19 epidemic. Please register for the following webinars via the MS Academy website. We plan to run a series of these over the coming weeks and months. The next one is on managing highly active and rapidly evolving severe MS in the current environment.

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  • hi, dear Gavin
    what is your opinion about redose rituximab or ocrelizumab if CD19 comes up for example more than 2% in this COVID19 situation.
    Best regards

    • I think anti-CD20 therapy is relatively safe in the pandemic. If people with MS need to be treated they should be treated.

  • Unable to comment on your post today. Trying to relay my triage ideas 🤦‍♀️

    I would make 2 or more ICU Beds on another unit.
    I would put
    Patient #1 on Bipap and heavy drugs, probably a morphine drip to calm her breathing down.
    Patient #2 sounds the worst clinically. He’d go in the main ICU. Not because he has MS, but because he sounds the worst.
    Patient #3 goes on home vent if you’re out of hospital vents. Admit to floor mini ICU.
    prepare for next 3 you haven’t identified. By now I hope you sent floor patients who aren’t critical home or to nursing homes and canceling all elective procedures, surgeries.
    How did I do?
    It’s not a new concept “Triage”
    20 years ago,
    I was in charge one night when I was running 3 codes on our 17 bed ICU.
    Balloon pump patient in the ER.

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